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Printing & Branding Methods:
+ Screen printing
 it is a printing technique that traditionally creates a sharp-edged image using a stencil and a porous fabric. When printing multi-colour logos, a new stencil is made for each colour and the different colours printed sequentially. Screen printing is most suitable for logos with 1-4 colours that have no shading or colour gradation.

+ 4-color Processing/photo printing
All color images can be separated into 4 different color values using filters and screens (usually digital). This is called a CMYK colour breakdown. The result in terms of your branding is a color separation of 4 images, each image comprised of one of the four colours (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black) These four colors can be combined to create thousands of colors covering all combinations shown on PMS charts.
+ Laser printing
Laser engraving gives a very precise and clean finish.Using this system of branding a metallic can be applied to leather, vinyl or paper or metal promotional product surfaces. So how does the laser work? The laser is designed to deliver energy to the product surface in a way which converts a high percentage of the light energy into heat
+ Hot Stamping
Your design or logo is set on a metal relief die or plate which is heated and pressed onto the surface of the promotional item to achieve a recessed branding finish similar to debossing. It is vailable on select few products only such as wood, leather etc which produces an impression of the graphic into products surface. No color is added or changed to the products surface.
+ Debossing
The depression of an image into a materials surface so causing the image to sit below the product surface is a deboss.
+ Embossing
We Impress an image in relief to achieve a raised surface.
+ Offset Printing
Like traditional printing systems used to print high volume paper outputs this system of printing promotional products involves the transfer of ink from a metal printing plate to a rubber-covered cylinder and is generally used on more complex artwork of high volume production runs of branded items. 

Lets take example of USB item as below:   



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